Kilbourn Park Organic Greenhouse

Welcome to the Kilbourn Park Organic Greenhouse! Excuse Our Mess, we are getting our website back up and running.

Our Mission

To advance environmental stewardship in our community by connecting people to nature, teaching sustainable gardening practices, and promoting fresh and healthy food to people of all ages through garden based programs.

Our Greenhouse

Designed in 1928 by Chicago architect Clarence Hatzfeld in collaboration with the famous greenhouse manufacturers Lord and Burnham. It was originally built as a small conservatory but in 1934, the Chicago Park District took over the Irving Park District and converted it into a production greenhouse using WPA funds. The greenhouse consists of a main room (the original showroom/conservatory). Two additional greenhouses are dedicated to the plant production for the North Region’s fieldhouse plant displays. The greenhouse is part of the Multiple Property Listing for KIlbourn Park on the National Register of Historic Places. In 1996 community residents were successful in reopening it as a teaching greenhouse and began the annual organic plant sale and other park programming. Recent outdoor improvements (as of the last ten years) include; patio for activities, children’s raised garden plots, 25 community garden plots, native plants garden, and a dozen fruit trees.

Friends of KPOG

The Friends of Kilbourn Park Organic Greenhouse formed in 2007 as a community group devoted to supporting the greenhouse through fundraising and volunteering hours. Since its conception, Friends has raised over $345,000 towards the new roof. Other accomplishments include:

  • A $1000 grant toward our Nature Explorers Board
  • $2500 toward raised beds for the Greenhouse
  • $1200 to construct the Hoop House
  • $2000 to the erection of the pergola
  • Various programs and event support

Would you like to help? Volunteer with us!

No time to volunteer? We accept donations!